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Sabrina, our automation-enabled business service/solution, is an example of how we leverage technology to eliminate errors and inefficiencies in the Eligibility and Benefit Verification process for Dental enterprises across the nation.
iSpace Dental Eligibility and Benefits System, Sabrina, an advanced and automated solution, not only seamlessly integrates into your patient management system but also provides real-time appointment reporting to ensure every appointment is verified accurately ahead of the scheduled time.

Our automation expertise will help your processes and your experience to improve your profitability.

Sabrina Advantage:

  • Seamless integration with your PMS
  • Consolidated and real-time reporting/dashboard
  • Improved accuracy in treatment estimates
  • Increased payment ratio
  • Improved patient satisfaction
  • Maximize cash flow
  • Reduce claim denials

Some Salient Features:

  • Extracts appointment details at scheduled intervals
  • Runs business rules for speedier resolution of unverified appointments
  • Captures patient eligibility, history and complete plan benefits
  • Writes back eligibility and patient information to your PMS
  • Provides practices the ability to view the complete form
  • Provides access to our web-based Dashboard, for a consolidated view across offices

Sabrina is completely customizable with your current processes

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