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PHARMACY BENEFITS MANAGEMENT – Pharma Open Payments Compliance

Complying with the complex pharmacy and medical compliances is now made easy with our intuitive application which helps in aggregating and analyzing data.

Our offerings

MediSpend is a comprehensive, cloud-based modular platform with tools to aggregate, manage, and analyze data across the enterprise. MediSpend helps biopharmaceutical and medical device companies comply with state, federal, (Open Payments are formally known as the Physician Payments Sunshine Act) and global transparency laws.


  • A cloud-based global solution with a flexible business rules engine
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Multi-currency support and & currency conversions
  • Support for cross-border transactions
  • Ability to manage and track HCE consent
  • Data validation rules to support business codes of conduct
  • Reporting tool to ensure compliance with global transparency laws

Our comprehensive application benefits

  • Be compliant with the MMIS
  • Maintain a track on the medical spend