Location Data Analytics

Location Based Services

Location Data Analytics

iSpace focuses on delivering insights that support better decision making by leveraging big data analytics at scale supported by intuitive customized visualization.


Enable the power of glocalization with our Location analytics – personalized, location aware custom solutions can be offered by leveraging our platforms

Our offerings

  • Behavioral insights from automobile users
  • Map-based visualization tools
  • Location-based market entry insights
  • Analysis of business and people data
  • Proximity and contextual analysis to understand the trends, relationships, and behavior of customers
  • Spatial processing to enhance data visualization, reporting and predictive analytics
  • Analysis of Wi-Fi data and Monetisation

Technology Stack

  • Data Ingestion using Kafka and Kinesis
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Spark
  • Tableau
  • Power BI

Businesses can benefit from location-specific data insights into market and user behavior, make better and more actionable business decisions. A multitude of applications cutting across industries has sprung up in the wake of leveraging location-based solutions for enhanced effectiveness and efficiencies.