Mapping Services

Location Based Services

OSM and Map Data

  • Location-based mapping services with both captive (HERE, TomTom) and crowdsourced maps.
  • Extensive experience in processing and enrichment of OSM Data
  • Data enrichment using our proprietary tools
  • OSM custom layers including real-time traffic, doppler weather, gas prices, movies, etc.
  • OSM Migration and Transition services
  • 3D & HD Mapping services


Enrich and integrate maps into any platform or device

Point of Interest Services

  • Data collected internal web scraping engines, 3rd party GIS data miners and government organizations
  • Collection, authentication, and optimization of PoI data for automotive and voice applications
  • Spatial and non-spatial data for every PoI
  • NAICS categorization and secondary categorization
  • Comprehensive suite of custom scripts for validation and correction of erroneous data

Geocoding Services Features

  • Polygonal geofencing
  • Geocoding and reverse geocoding
  • Data aggregated from various sources
  • Over 120 million addresses/POI with the point address
  • Geocoding for over 50 countries including China
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Unified interface for all geocoding scenarios
  • OSM geocoding support