Mobile Member Engagement

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PAYER – Mobile Member Engagement

Payer 2 Member is an award-winning healthcare solution that helps build and track consumer engagement in a modularized format.

Our Payer to Member (P2M) application enables health plans to serve their members better by providing personalized, on-demand content with an improved outreach.


Solutions that empower members with information they need, reducing operational overheads for plans with built in support chat bots.


  • My Benefits – Information about member benefit plans
  • Find a doctor – Ability to search for providers and hospitals leveraging GPS
  • ID Card Services – Access ID Card information without carrying an ID Card
  • Care Management Services
  • Prescription – Ability to request refill of prescriptions
  • Emergency Care –Triage to reduce visits to ER. Interaction with and guidance by RNs
  • My Information Center – Provides health plan information to members


  • Reduced member maintenance overheads
  • Ease of communicating with members
  • Members have on-demand access to critical health and wellness information
  • Immediate ROI for plans from reduction in out-of-network utilization
  • Other ROI from reduction in ER visits, ID Cards
  • Better management of chronically ill patients by health coaches and case managers
  • Customizable disease management modules
  • Members can be directed to cost-effective urgent care instead of ER visits
  • Refill prescriptions and reduce pharmacy costs