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Revenue Cycle Management

Sabrina, our RCM platform offers end-to-end revenue cycle capabilities delivered by experienced RCM professionals, technology led automation and a relentless focus on a metrics-driven analytics framework that helps measure and improve RCM processes through root cause analysis and seamless transfer of learnings across all stakeholders through structured workflows


Our systematic approach results in a reduction of write-offs, accelerated generation of revenue, and improved provider-patient relationship

Sabrina Key Tenets:


  • Bringing together all functions of RCM into one Platform and Partner
  • Usable in a centralized, distributed and blended model
  • Dashboards and workflows for transparency across the organization


  • Maintain and measure consistent and repeatable SLAs and best practices
  • Your corporate business rules are enforced
  • Standardized KPIs for quality, throughput and cost


  • Sabrina adapts to your business, not the other way around
  • In all modules, you set the parameters by which the process is manged

Sabrina RCM Offerings

  • Patient Profile Creation and Maintenance
  • Patient Eligibility and Insurance Plan Breakdown
  • Pre-authorization of planned/accepted treatments
  • Claims submission, Open Claims Statusing and Claims Resubmission
  • Insurance Payment Posting, Balancing and Reconciliation
  • Root Cause Analysis and Resolution of Denial and Short Pays